Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer Says Sandusky Was Too Busy Being A Swell Guy To Molest Any Children

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You know that plan Lawyerin' Joe Amendola had to get Jerry Sandusky a new trial by declaring himself incompetent? Yeah, that can wait. For now, on the eve of Sandusky's sentencing hearing, Lawyerin Joe's sticking to the script that Sandusky is innocent, and that there's just no way Sandusky could have done what he's been convicted of doing because, well, here's what Lawyerin' Joe told NBC News:

"If Jerry Sandusky did all the things these young people said he did, he didn't have time to do anything else—he didn't have time to be a parent, he didn't have time to be an assistant coach at Penn State—my God he was busy doing all these sexual activities with all these kids!"

When you're being such a swell guy, who has the time to molest children?

Amendola went on to describe what Sandusky's life has been like in prison these last few months:

Sandusky has spent the last three months in a cell with a bed, sink and toilet.

"It's a Spartan life. He's isolated," Amendola said. "Not because he's bad, not because they think he's a bad person, but for his own protection."


A Spartan life. Joe Amendola is the human "heh."


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