Jury selection for Jerry Sandusky's trial will begin on May 14, as scheduled, now that Centre County (Pa.) Judge John M. Cleland has denied Sandusky's request to have it pushed back until July. Sandusky's attorney, Lawyerin' Joe Amendola, had filed his motion to delay by citing the "great volume" of material involved in a case in which Sandusky faces more 50 charges from 10 alleged victims. In denying the request, however, Judge Cleland pretty much tells Lawyerin' Joe to get his ass in gear:

It must be remembered as a starting point in evaluating the Defendant's request to postpone the trial that trial is still two and a half months—ten and one half weeks—away. There is no assurance at this point that any delay of the trial to mid-July will not, in turn, give rise to subsequent issues prompting a request for still more delay. Delay has a way of begetting delay. Therefore, the postponement of a trial should be the last resort, and granted only after all other attempts to remedy the impediments to the conduct of a prompt trial have been exhausted.


Lawyerin' Joe was granted an additional three weeks to file pretrial motions, and prosecutors were ordered to turn over addresses and phone numbers of witnesses identified in discovery within seven days. Judge Cleland's entire order can be read here: