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Jerry Sloan Is Not The World's Friendliest Man

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The newsworthiness of the "John Amaechi coming out" story has probably come and gone, so let's consider this a part of the new "Jerry Sloan calls his players 'fucking cunts'" story. Meech was a guest on Andrew Siciliano's radio show, and offered these tidbits about why he and his head coach didn't get along.

"'s not because I was gay, that he didn't like me. That was part of it, but it shouldn't have been part of it. He also didn't like me because he thought I didn't like white people. And the fact is my mother is white, so I'm kind of insulted by that in certain. He is a belligerent man. He is a cruel man in many respects.

This is not about my inability to take criticism. It's my inability to be called an f'ing c on a daily basis."

"...he's the best coach I've ever played for in terms of his technical ability. And without a doubt, he's the worst the person I've ever met in my entire life, in terms of dealing with people."


You know, his book might have been significantly less interesting had Amaechi played anywhere other than Utah. Owners who won't screen Brokeback Mountain, coaches who call him a cunt. He probably owes the organization some royalties from book sales.

But come on, Meech. If Carlos Boozer can put up with it from Paul Silas, then you can deal with it from Jerry Sloan.


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