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It might seem a skosh ridiculous that Carolina Panthers fans are going balls out on this Jessica Simpson cutout distraction thingy tonight against Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys, considering that Terrell Owens has said repeatedly that Simpson really isn't a distraction to the team after all. So the Cowboys should win easily, right?


Maybe not. These head-on-stick-based fan initiatives, if done thoroughly and without an ounce of shame, have a 100 percent rate of working to perfection, according to a sample size of my own personal experiences.

Last season in college basketball, I found a picture of BGSU basketball leading scorer Martin Samarco on Facebook. He was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, a couple of wigs (one on his head, one on his chest), and it was really quite... actually, see for yourself:

I posted that picture a couple of weeks before Bowling Green played a crucial MAC game down in Ohio University. (By crucial I mean, well, I sort of cared about it.) Some plucky OU fans found the picture and distributed color copies to the fans for the game. Going into that game averaging well over 22 points a game, Samarco had perhaps his worst shooting night of the year: 12 points on 4-for-20 shooting.

So based on this disturbingly accurate tunnel-vision, all signs point to a Carolina Panthers victory tonight. Money down.


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