Every week, Alan Siegel and Deadspin's crack video team will break down Rex Ryan's frequent use of profanity on HBO's Hard Knocks. Episode 3: a total "shit"-fest featuring a stirring comeback by "fuck."

HBO understands comedy. Watching Rex Ryan say, "Holy shit!" as he adjusts a treadmill to Level 4? Hilarious. Rex's "shit" kick lasts most of the episode. At one point he screams, "Holy shit, what a hit!" three times in a row after the Jets' Chauncey Washington forces a fumble.


Also worth a mention is special teams coach Mike Westhoff, who alluded to something called the "triple fucking Asian flu." Is the CDC aware of this?

Below are our findings for Episode 3. If we missed any expletives, or if our tally is off, please let us know.


Other covers two "bastard"s and a "bitch."

Cumulatively, Rex's profanity stacks up like so.


Video by David Matthews. Pretty animated counter designed by Gawker.TV's Matt Toder. Pretty charts by Jim Cooke.

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