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Jets Fans Can Earn Rewards Points For Not Being Assholes

The Jets have announced a new rewards program for its season-ticket holders, in which they can win things like Super Bowl tickets and a ride on the team's charter flight. All it'll take to accrue points is to show up, and not to be ejected from MetLife Stadium for being a drunken, belligerent mess. Good luck!

The program is not based on spending money for food or souvenirs, but on showing up, sharing what Rabinowitz calls a "sense of community" and comporting oneself properly at games.


It's all part of a entirely new system for season-ticket holders: no longer will paper tickets be handed out. Instead, each season-ticket holder will now be given a single scannable smart card, with admission to games digitally loaded onto it.

The AP does some weird PR for the Jets by claiming the change is because paper tickets can get lost or destroyed. The real reason is the same one that has inspired other teams like Denver and KC to make the move to smart cards: now season-ticket holders will need to use the team's official online ticket exchange if they want to sell their seats.

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