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Jets Fans Don't Fare Much Better Against Indianapolis Police

Everyone expects sadistic fascist police action in San Diego, but surely the good Midwestern people of Indianapolis (a.k.a., Real America) would welcome visiting football fans with open arms? Or you know....taser them in the parking lot.

Yes, for the second straight week, a New York Jets fan has been made famous by his ability to attract the excessive attention of the local constabulary. This one is Patrick Mallon, of Brick, New Jersey, who had not even made it inside Lucas Oil Stadium yesterday when he was asked to ride the lightning before being shipped off to watch football from a drunk tank. On the bright side, he made the front page of the New York Post!


He's like the Tiger Woods of disorderly conduct. The cops say Mallon was throwing beer into the pre-game crowd. Mallon swears he did nothing wrong. A Colts witness says he "got a little rowdy." His father, who saw the whole thing, says his son "gestured something to the police - not the finger or anything like that." Just some other totally non-offensive Jersey hand gesture. I guess we're at an impasse.

I'm not taking sides here, but there does seem to be a particular, hunter green x-factor in both of these incidents. And it isn't poise.

Shocker! Cops taser Jet fan [NY Post]

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