Jets nearly ruin future by playing competitively

The Jets nearly blew it today by almost winning a game.
The Jets nearly blew it today by almost winning a game.
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The Las Vegas Raiders almost made history today by losing to arguably the worst team that has ever decided to participate in an NFL season.


It took a last-second touchdown pass from Derek Carr to Henry Ruggs III for Las Vegas to squeak out a win against the Jets, who have proven all year that they are immune to winning.

Just look at the Raiders’ faces when they realize Ruggs came down with the 46-yarder for the win. You’ll see a level of relief rivaled only by potential fathers on Maury when they find out the kid isn’t theirs.

If you are wondering how the Raiders got themselves into this situation: Las Vegas’ defense allowed the New York Paper Planes to rush for 206 yards on the ground. New York’s Ty Johnson had 104 rushing yards by himself on the day.

This helped ease the burden on quarterback Sam Darnold, who has looked worse than a Kevin Hart movie this season. It also allowed FedEx delivery driver Adam Gase, still masquerading as a head coach, to keep the game plan relatively simple.

But there’s a question you have to ask yourself: Why would New York even risk coming this close to winning, when they are neck and neck with Jacksonville for the top pick?


New York scored 15 straight points in the fourth quarter to take the lead against Las Vegas with five minutes left.

Are you guys dumb or are you stupid?

The Jets really put the fate of their franchise on the arm of Derek Carr. That’s bolder than a pimp bringing his employees into a church on Easter Sunday.


I don’t know what the Jets were thinking because they clearly weren’t. Please stick to the plan of tanking, so you don’t have another season where we question if you should even be allowed to put on shoulderpads.

The Raiders are still in contention for the playoffs after narrowly escaping with their dignity. The Jets remain in prime position to draft either Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields next year.


I guess all is well that ends well. But I still won’t be able to fathom how the Jets — or the Raiders — almost did this to themselves.