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Jillian McCarney Says You'll All Be Sorry, Every Last One of You

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Proving once again that being the daughter of a former Big 12 football coach will not get you out of being arrested, here's the combative and always hilarious Jillian McCarney.

Dan McCarney, of course, is the former head football coach at Iowa State. From his Wikipedia page: Dan has three children; Jillian, Melanie, and Shane from his first marriage. Jillian, his first born, is a successful student at the University of Iowa. Depends on how you describe successful, I suppose. Jillian McCarney, 21, was arrested on Saturday night for assaulting a police officer and keeping a disorderly house.

Police say Jillian McCarney also told officers her father would fight them and threatened violence against them several times. According to the police report, McCarney asked the officer, "Do you know who my dad is? He is Dan McCarney." Jillian McCarney told the officer she "guaranteed all her charges will be ‘dropped' because her name is ‘McCarney' and they have ‘a lot of money,'" according to police.


The party occurred in an apartment on the University of Iowa campus. Dan McCarney grew up in Iowa City, played football at Iowa and then coached at Iowa State for 11 seasons. He left in 2006, and is now the defensive line coach at the University of Florida.

The charge of "Keeping a disorderly house," as if you didn't know, is basically refusing to turn down the music and telling your drunkest friends to go home.

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