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While speaking to a group of fans at a Pro Football Hall of Fame fan fest, Jim Brown was asked about the NCAA and he didn't hold anything back. He said "[t]he NCAA is probably the most reprehensible organization God ever created." Putting aside the creationism for a second, these are strong words.

Brown was participating in a round table discussion with fellow Hall of Famers Barry Sanders and Harry Carson when a fan asked why an injured college player couldn't receive payment for loss of future income. He described the NCAA has exploitative and embarrassing. Then he basically said "come at me, bro" to Mark Emmert.

"I'm totally for change and total change," Brown said. "And I think that body needs to be torn apart and put back together with everybody's best interests in mind."

Brown said what he said with a definite purpose.

"I wanted to say it as harsh as I could, because I want them to come at me in any way they want to," Brown said. "Because it's a shame the way that it happens."


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