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Jim Harbaugh, Colin Cowherd Combine For A Disastrous Interview

Jim Harbaugh called into drive-time ratfuck Colin Cowherd’s radio show this morning for an interview, and it was spectacularly awful. Cowherd was throwing every possible question at the Michigan football coach, and Harbaugh couldn’t generate any semblance of dialogue. Cowherd ended up cutting the interview short, because even he knew how terrible it was.

The Big Lead has video:


One notably awkward part: Cowherd shifts to college football conference talk, saying, “the Big Ten feels like a buy for me,” but Harbaugh thinks he meant “bye.” A transcription, via the Washington Post:

JH: The Big Ten feels like a “bye” to you?

CC: You don’t see that?

JH: Explain that to me. What do you mean by “bye”?

CC: Let’s be honest: Michigan’s a heavyweight. Ohio State’s a heavyweight. They now both have great coaches. It feels like the Big Ten is on the come. It feels like there’s momentum in the conference …

JH: Oh, like “buy,” as opposed to “sell.” I thought “bye week.”

CC: No, no, no.

JH: Like a “buy.”

CC: Yeah, that’s what it feels like to me. Does it feel like that to you?

JH: It feels very competitive to me.

CC: Um-uh.

JH: … at the highest level of college football.

Someone save Jim Harbaugh. Jim Tomsula has apparently snatched his body.

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