Jim Harbaugh Wanted A Holding Call On The 49ers' Last Play, And He May Have Had A Point

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Here's Jim Harbaugh's response to the 49ers' failed fourth-down play in the end zone, and for once, it's tough to really say he's overreacting. Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith probably held Michael Crabtree in the middle of his route, and when Crabtree laid out for the catch, he couldn't quite reach the ball. Phil Simms told America that football players just have to make plays in big-time situations like this; you can judge for yourself whether Crabtree really had a chance:

So that pretty much wraps up...


What, this?


Nah, forget about that. Whatever rules govern the holding calls that happen while punters are dancing around the endzone trying to avoid tacklers—time back on the clock? a safety anyway? teams switch jerseys? league folds?—we don't want to want to know. Ravens win. Go home.

Update: A note on the second play, in case you're curious.