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Jim Leyritz's Life Somehow Gets Even Sadder

Former Yankee Jim Leyrtiz—who is still awaiting trial on a fatal DUI incident—was placed in a psychiatric hospital last night after allegedly threatening to commit suicide.


According to the New York Post, Leyritz has a breathalyzer attached to his car that he must blow into before attempting to drive and last night the device failed, indicating that he had been drinking. His wife told police that he had not been drinking and when he later went back to the car, he passed the same test. However, Leyritz became distraught because he was concerned that the false positive would be reported anyway and he would be found in violation of his bail. He's already been accused of trying to drive his car while drunk four different times since being released on bail and there's been no confirmation yet, on whether he was actually drinking yesterday.

Karri [his wife] then told cops that Leyritz said something to the effect that, "He might as well 'end it' if it's too much trouble," Coyne said.

When police talked to Leyritz, who was at the house, he told them, "I just need to talk to somebody," Coyne said. Officers told him he could voluntarily go to the hospital, Coyne said.


He checked himself in to the hospital and was released back to his home this morning. So Jim is obviously a bit of a mess. And he still has jail to look forward to.


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