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Jim Mora, Blowin' Up!

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Four days after his outburst following the Falcons' playoff hopes-ending loss to Tampa Bay last week, Atlanta coach Jim Mora Jr. is still doing damage control. In case you missed it, Mora, doing a radio interview with the Falcons' affiliate after the game, flipped out after being asked about a questionable punt call late and threw a microphone at reporter Nicole Watson. (Who has better things to do than dodge microphones from deranged coaches.)

Mora said yesterday that he "doesn't have a trigger", though he also almost attacked a referee last week and has been called a "walking drum of plutonium." (Does that mean he can trigger the flux capacitor and travel through time?) Mora says he's paying for the sins of his father, a notoriously emotional coach prone to bouts of rampant diddly-poo tossing. Meanwhile, we'll be keeping an eye out for Mora in the offseason; mainly, to make sure we don't accidentally cut him off in traffic.


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