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Jim Rome Is Somewhat Displeased With The Amount Of Money His Horse "Mizdirection" Brings In

No, we did not know that ESPN annoyance Jim Rome owned a horse. But we are not surprised that the horse's name has a Z in it. Becuz that'z juzt what Jim Rome duz, broz.

Anyway, Mizdirection, a three-year-old filly, won Rome's first stakes—the Sandy Blue Handicap in Del Mar, California—on Friday. Rome said "this first stakes has been a long time coming." Good passive-aggressive horse trash talk.


More, from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

"Awesome," Trainer Mike Puype said. "What a great guy. He has put a lot of money into the game and hasn't gotten a whole lot out of it."

Rome isn't sure how much longer he'll continue. "I'm year to year right now," he said. "I can't say I'll do this forever. We'll see how this goes. I've put a lot of money into it, and I found out it's a hard business. You don't get back what you put in, but I can't put a price on what I just got right now today, it's that good a feeling."

You don't get back what you put in? Kind of describes the half-hours when we mistakenly watch Jim Rome Is Burning. War stud fees.

NOTE: A reader would like me to note that Rome's horse is named Mizdirection because the filly's father was named Mizzen Mast.

To Jack Dickey:

Your assumption that Jim Rome harbors an irresistible urge to wedge a "Z" into the name of a horse he is the part owner of was wrong.

If only you could have worked up the necessary energy to read all the way through to the last paragraph of the SD Union-Tribune article from which you generated this post, you would have read that Mizdirection's sire (father) was Mizzen Mast from which the filly's name is derived. Oops.

But then you wouldn't have had the clever lede for your post:

"But we are not surprised that the horse's name has a Z in it. Becuz that'z juzt what Jim Rome duz, broz."

Super lame lede. Super lazy "reporting" or should I say "reading and regurgitation" on your part.

I won't hold my breath waiting for a correction or a new lede.

With an utter lack of sincerity,

Noah Cornick

Jim Rome's Jungle Racing gets first stakes win [San Diego Union-Tribune, h/t JH]

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