Jimmer Fredette, who is perhaps the ideal Indiana Pacer, had a pre-draft workout in Indianapolis today, and Pacers announcer Michael Grady took footage of his shoot-around. Behold the Jimmer, taking and making 15 straight set shots from behind the arc, then buckling just slightly, and closing out the circuit at 21 for 26. "He hasn't missed yet," someone says as he drills his 14th straight shot, and on his first miss โ€” shot number 16 from the left elbow extended โ€” his release looks just uncertain enough for the ball to rim out. It's also one of the only shots he gets off without his feet already completely set.

Of course, Jimmer is better than the set shot. He put up the numbers he did this year precisely because he is able to create shots for himself, with that leaning jumper that always looked just slightly inelegant, and at six-foot-two, he'll have to depend on that ability in the league. Despite all the nice things the other kids have said about him, in a few months Jimmer will be a reserve on an under-performing team and a few months after that, we'll have to crown a new folk hero. But for now it's nice to see the classic gym rat calmly nailing his rounds, as if it's the most important duty in the world.



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