Perhaps confident that ExtenZe All-Natural Male Enhancement tablets can sell themselves, Johnson is exiling himself to Nicaragua for the next season of Survivor.

Yes, the seaside resort town of San Juan del Sur will play host to Johnson and 19 other, non-67-year-old men, as they form alliances and compete against each other for the grand prize of marrying Cole Hamels. At least I think that's how it works. It's been a while since I watched.


He'll be the first major sports figure to appear on the show, unless you count Gary Hogeboom, which you don't. But he certainly won't be the first notable Cowboy to do reality TV. There are Emmitt Smith's and Michael Irvin's appearances on Dancing With The Stars, and, of course, Miles Austin winning the third of season of Who Wants To Be In Kim Kardashian's Vagina?

Source: Johnson joins cast of 'Survivor' []