JJ Redick ... DUI. Seriously.

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Not to pile on here, but we'd say the odds are pretty good this is going to make him cry.


Ladies and gentlemen: J.J. Redick was arrested for a DUI last night. No, really. Police say he "made an illegal U-turn to avoid a license checkpoint" and was then busted for driving impaired. He was released from Durham County Jail around 4 a.m. on a $1000 secured bond.

That's right, folks: JJ Redick — less than a month before the NBA Draft — was arrested for a DUI. And he has a mugshot. We're just gonna let you folks take this over from here. Though, if you're curious, the full mugshot is after the jump.


Redick Arrested, Charged With DWI 11 Eyewitness News]

(Best comment on this so far, by the way, belongs to commenter Footsteps Falco: "Those zimas will f you up..." Ha! So it's known, though, you're all been pretty amazing so far.)