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During the Bulls annual "Circus Trip," two important events took place that may chart the course for the rest of the team's season: they shared Thanksgiving dinner together as a team, and Joakim Noah shared a hotel steam room with John Elway.


The dinner seems to have unified the team, the steam room seems to have scarred the fun-loving, big-haired center for life:

His descriptions of the "meeting" — it really wasn't one because Noah said he never said a word to Elway — included "kind of weird, but it's a true story," "a weird moment, kind of awkward," "I was going to say something, but figured he just wants to spend some time alone," and "it was just me and him in there."


Clearly, Noah saw something more than just Elway's famous teeth. Here's video of the shaken pivot man (his horror story begins around the 1:00 mark): Click to view

Endless speculation about what went down in that steam room is welcome in the comments below.

Bulls' Joakim Noah Has Close Encounter With John Elway ... In A Steam Room [SBNation Chicago]


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