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"Jockeys" Will Teach You Thing Or Two About ... Jockeys

Jockeys are short little people with high voices that everyone makes fun of because they ride ponies for a living, but let me tell you something, brother—these guys (and gals) are complete badasses.

I've been watching previews for the new reality show on Animal Planet—yeah, that's right—called appropriately enough, "Jockeys: Win Or Die Trying" and I gotta tell you ... I'm pretty pumped about it. You've got fights, intrigue, horrific injuries, athlete temper tantrums and Kanye West music on the soundtrack. It says "Die" right in the title! It's got it all. There's even a lady jockey! Do I smell romance?

The truth is that being a jockey is way more dangerous than people realize or care to think about. Try falling off a moving horse sometime and see how quick you get back up. That's why these people are obviously insane, hyped-up, adrenaline junkies and if it wasn't for the fact that they weigh one-third what an NFL lineman does, they would probably be throwing bouncers through plate glass windows every night of the week. I'm certainly not going to mess with one.


Plus, let's face it—any show that can make jockeys look even the slightest bit cool has to be worth at least one slot on your DVR, right? (Premiere is tomorrow at 9 PM, by the way.)

"Jockey: Win Or Die Trying" [Animal Planet]

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