Boy, how did the Sun-Times get scooped on this one? Their columnist Joe Cowley spends years trolling everyone, degrading women, and just acting like an all-around dick, and he finally gets in trouble, and I have to read about it in the Tribune? I guess the Sun-Times isn't your one-stop shop for all things Chicago sports.

The Trib got comment from Sun-Times EIC Jim Kirk:

"Recently, a reporter in our newsroom, Joe Cowley, made offensive comments on his Twitter account," Kirk said Tuesday. "The Chicago Sun-Times is an institution with important social responsibilities, and we expect those who represent our paper to act with the respect and sensitivity that our readers deserve. Mr. Cowley's remarks were offensive and he has been reprimanded appropriately."

I'm glad that's settled.

Tweets by Sun-Times reporter spark online sparring [Chicago Tribune]