Joe Darger Has Two Mommies (And A Crapload Of Siblings)

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Curious, and fascinating story in The New York Times today: UNLV forward Joe Darger is the son of a polygamist father. He has 15 siblings, most of which go to all his games.

John and Carollee [Darger's parents] sat in the lower bowl of the Thomas & Mack Center on Saturday night with a few of their younger children. The older ones, who now have children of their own, were directly above them. The family was unable to get enough seats in the same row, so it had to split up.

It somehow seems perfect that Darger plays for UNLV, though they do happen in Vegas but not stay in Vegas. Darger's siblings range in age from 2 to 40, and none of which plan on being practicing polygamists, mainly because, jeez, wouldn't you want some peace and quiet after growing up like that? Las Vegas must seem like a sleepy burg to Darger.

UNLV Forward Does Not Lack Family Support [New York Times] (via Signal To Noise)