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Joe Flacco Bought A Mega Millions Ticket At 7-11

Illustration for article titled Joe Flacco Bought A Mega Millions Ticket At 7-11

Really, when you get right down to it, signing a non-guaranteed contract is like playing the lottery anyway. So there you go, NFL, your most recent Super Bowl MVP and "highest paid player" recipient of a sham $121 million contract in the off-season is playing the lottery at a chain convenience store like the rest of us schlubs.


The Mega Millions jackpot was $648, or roughly 10 times more than what Flacco got guaranteed in his paltry deal. $62 million sounds nice—I certainly wouldn't kick it out of my vault—but $648 million is game-over money. So Flacco went to 7-11.


Flacco, so desperate for a real payout, apparently cut a dude in line to purchase lotto tickets at a convenience store.

Rob Owen, 22, of Finksburg, Md., stopped in to buy a few mega millions tickets, but stood at the wrong cash register. As he went to another line, he was passed by a familiar face.

"The guy behind me beat me to the end of the line," Owen said. "When I got there, I realized it was Joe. I was tongue tied."

Flacco politely let Owen back in front of him.

"I couldn't have him blaming me when I won and he lost and I didn't let him back where he was supposed to be," Flacco said.

While on line, Owen and Flacco chatted a bit, discussing what most normal, boring people talk about: the weather. Owen asked about playing football in the snow. "Flacco said the snow was fun but eventually tiring."


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