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Current Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco has already thrown a career-high 14 interceptions this season. The Ravens are third in the AFC North with a 5-6 record. The offense is crap. Flacco isn't happy, and he justifiably doesn't think some bullshit Wildcat plays will help anything.

Keep in mind, the Ravens beat the Jets 19-3 this past Sunday. Flacco's still irritated by the double-digit Wildcat plays called for backup Tyrod Taylor while Flacco lined up as a receiver like a doofus.


Via the Baltimore Sun:

“I don’t like that stuff,” Flacco said Tuesday. “I think it makes you look like a high school offense.”


When asked Tuesday whether those plays called for him to run a route, Flacco said defiantly, “I’m not doing a single thing. I’m not getting it. I’m not blocking, I’m not doing anything.”


“I don’t care how we use it in the game — successful or not successful, after a big play, not after a big play. I don’t care where it’s used, I’m just not a huge fan of it,” Flacco said. “I’m the quarterback. I want to be behind the line of scrimmage, I want to be taking the snaps. That’s really the only thing. I don’t necessarily take it personally either in terms of our offense trying to get better. I just think it makes us look like not an NFL team.”


Listen baby, you don't take the snaps. Flacco takes the snaps. We're not Slapdick Memorial High. Flacco out.

Flacco's usually boring, and in this case, he's still rather boring, because he has a point. This isn't controversial. Flacco's the Super Bowl quarterback and highest-paid player in franchise history. He's obviously going to demand more opportunities to help his team, because the offense is underachieving and he wants to throw more and fix that. Who's going to help, the current form of Ray Rice? The running game already sucks, averaging just 81.7 yards a game, and Flacco is Baltimore's passer. Let him pass. The Wildcat won't fix anything. Sorry, Tyrod Taylor.


[Baltimore Sun]

Photo: Nick Wass/AP

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