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Joe Flacco To Pretend He Is An Iconic Baltimore Quarterback

Johnny Unitas's son, Joe Unitas, is making a movie about his dad and Joe Flacco will appear as the famous Colts quarterback in the film's final scenes, depicting game action.

It's a perfect casting, really. Both men are famous for leading Baltimore teams ("'Obviously, the Baltimore ties are very important to me,' Unitas said in a phone interview from his Las Vegas home.") and both are boring as all hell. The movie, called Unitas We Stand (face), was adapted from a book with a downright Flacconian name.


It was adapted from the best-selling Tom Callahan book: "Johnny U: The Life and Times of Johnny Unitas."

This makes us wonder: who will play Joe Flacco in the movie about Joe Flacco? Which book will they adapt the screenplay from: Joe F: The Joe Flacco Story, Joe Flacco: He Was A Person or Un-Flaccoable: We Wrote A Book About Joe Flacco?

In a statement on the film's website, Joe Flacco said "I'm excited and honored by the opportunity to play Johnny Unitas."


Joe Flacco to portray Johnny Unitas in final scenes of upcoming film: 'Unitas We Stand' [Baltimore Sun]

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