Joe Flacco's Wife Thinks He Needs To Try Harder At Wide Receiver

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The Ravens have occasionally thrown two-quarterback looks at opponents this season, with both Lamar Jackson and Joe Flacco on the field at the same time. When Flacco has to split out wide, he does so with all the enthusiasm of a child forced to dress up for church.

This is only a little better than Mark Sanchez’s incredible false start, but yeah, Joe’s not contributing at all to the play. That’s fine, since he can’t pick up an injury by just standing, but Flacco’s wife Dana thinks he should at least look like a pass-catching threat. From Jamison Hensley of ESPN:

“My wife gave me crap the one day, told me I need to look more interested out there,” Flacco said Wednesday. “But I’m just trying to stay out of it. I’m not comfortable out there. I don’t need to get too creative.”


“You can see me. I’m out there just standing,” Flacco said. “I really just try to stay out of the way of everything. That’s what I’m told to do. That’s what I’m doing.”


This is definitely a Harbaughian smokescreen. Flacco’s going to lumber 60 yards after the catch this weekend against the Titans.