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Joe Girardi Explains Growing Old Together To Jorge Posada While His Mistress Bats Leadoff

A play, courtesy of the New York Yankees, in six vexing acts:

"I kind of apologized to [Joe Girardi]," Posada said Sunday before the Red Sox swept the Yankees with a 7-5 win. "I had a bad day. I had a bad day [Saturday.] Reflecting on it, everything, all the frustration came out. I'm trying to move on."


Jorge Posada's OPS: .626. Derek Jeter's OPS: .633.

"We had a nice conversation," he said. "We talked about being emotional, and going through struggles. What defines who you are. Just a lot of things. He apologized. He said he had a bad day yesterday. And I said 'Jorge, I've had bad days too, and I've done stupid things.' I'm not saying what he did was stupid, but I did things that I wish I wouldn't have done. And you have to live with them, but it's what you do after, and you move forward."

Jorge Posada's age 38 OPS: .811. Joe Girardi's: .361.

"I know you have a passion and a love for this game. I know you want to win and you want to play forever. But the reality is we don't play forever and that you need to enjoy your career in the midst of that."


Jorge Posada career games after turning 33: 744. Joe Girardi career games after turning 33: 433.

"Everything happens for a reason. You learn from it," Posada said.

Luck is the reason for Jorge Posada's .164 BABIP. Not the divine righteousness of the Grim Reaper's hand.

Added Cashman: "Family members can have problems from time to time."

This is Jorge Posada's family member.

"It's just one of those days that you wish you could have back," Posada said.

Like that day when Derek Jeter hit two home runs ("Cap'n Gets His Crunch Back In Texas," wrote one columnist), and the world forgot he was playing terribly.


Oh, by the way, he's hitting .185/.223/.185 in the six games since he rescued New York. Posada's .267/.476/.267 in his most recent six—not Herculean, but serviceable nonetheless.

Guess which one hits leadoff?

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