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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Joe Mixon's Agent Says Video Of His Client Punching A Woman Can Be "An Educational Tool"

Photo: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images
Photo: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Joe Mixon’s agent, Peter Schaffer, went on 98.1 FM in Oklahoma City today and the session on the Monster of the Midday got contentious pretty quickly. It included a long diatribe from Schaffer about how his client had learned from what he did and was no different than any other 18 year old who made a mistake, and saying the video of his client punching fellow student Amelia Molitor, breaking multiple bones in her face, had the potential to be “an educational tool” if used properly.


It started with one host telling Schaffer that he had heard that some people were saying that Mixon should go back to college for another year. Schaffer responded with, “Who did you speak with?” When the host refused to answer, Schaffer said, “Maybe you should represent him.”

Answering another question, Schaffer pivoted to talking about why his client will be okay: NFL teams want to win, and Mixon is a talented football player.

There are going to be questions about if this young man will help a team win. At the end of the day, if he can help a team win because he’s a great talent, on and off the field, and the team are comfortable that he will provide them with a better chance to succeed they will draft him. It’s very simple.

Joe has a great opportunity in front of him. He has an opportunity to prove that the wonderful second chance that he was given by the University of Oklahoma, Coach Stoops, and Coach Gundy and the athletic department and the school president. To go back and rectify the mistake that he made, that he’s admitted up to, that he’s owned up to and as an 18 year old young man to prove to people that, shoot, he is worthy of this second chance. That’s what he’s gotta to do.

And it’s no different than any other 18 year old that’s made a mistake, some greater, some less.


Schaffer kept talking. When one host tried to politely nudge him to wrap it up, Schaffer said, “I can hang the phone up if you want. I’m not done yet.”

When asked what Mixon is doing to ensure he has changed, Schaffer said they had “a fantastic plan and program in place” but gave no details on what that plan or program might include.

Later, the final question was whether the video would affect Mixon in the draft. The host pointed to Tyreek Hill, who took a plea deal in college after he was charged with choking and punching his pregnant girlfriend, and was drafted in the fifth round by the Chiefs. In Hill’s case, there was no video. Schaffer was asked, “Does the video make the act that much worse than if there was no video?”

After some rambling about living his life in a positive way, Schaffer said, “In our day of social media and videos and all this technology that the video, if used properly, can show people as an an educational tool that it’s never okay to hit anybody. Male on male. Male on female. Female on female.”


Schaffer closed by saying, “Nobody should ever hit anybody.”

The full audio is below.

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