Joe Ricketts, the man who burned down a newsroom for trying to unionize, is at it again

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This fucking guy.
This fucking guy.
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Joe Ricketts, actual owner of the Chicago Cubs and producer of a special class of doofus-progeny, wants to get back into the news game. You can look forward to any personality that attains any popularity on this network to be shipped off as soon as they ask for a raise, replaced by a college sophomore.

It’s always hilarious when an evil-toad-king like Ricketts wants to claim the need for unbiased information. We have unbiased information now, with many networks and channels providing fact-based news. And then we have the opened demonic Pandora’s Box on the right that makes it up as it goes, as theirs and their viewers’ brains turn to mush. Perhaps this is Ricketts’s bid to fend off whatever news organization Trump forms (from his prison cell) in the near future that will probably end up looking like the reverse of that talk show Bill Murray appeared on in Lost In Translation.

Ricketts has been in the news world before, as the founder of DNAInfo, which he then shut down the very minute the employees sought to unionize. Ricketts wants fair and balanced reporting, but he doesn’t want to pay fair and balanced rates for it.


The idea of Ricketts providing a journalistic healing salve to our divided country would be laughable, were it not so depressing. This is the patriarch of a family currently trying to deny vaccines to immigrants in Nebraska while leading fundraising efforts for a man who spurred the first invasion of the Capitol in two centuries by his own shit-for-brains cult. But that’s not all. The Ricketts are busy trying to bend Chicago’s laws to their whim while destroying a beloved institution (admittedly, further down the list of grievances). Oh, right, and there are Tom Ricketts’ feelings about Muslims and Black people. The idea of this family’s ability to be neutral is Seuss-ian, if Dr. Seuss had a bizzaro evil twin.

Whenever some gasbag like this talks about “straight and narrow,” it’s always a crack against a mainstream media which the right has decided is biased against them because, once every comet or so, the press might report on the right’s criminal and/or idiotic activities. When your whole ethos is based on lies, scams, and myths, you tend to look side-eyed at those who want things based on, y’know, truth.