Remember Australian rugby player Joel Monaghan, aka "Dude Getting Blown By Dog" SHOTY nominee? Been a rough three months since Joel's lil sis saw pictures of the "drunken, dog‑related depravity that followed Canberra Raiders' end-of-season celebrations last October."

Well, guess what, bitches? Joel is back! On Sunday, he'll make his first post-pup appearance with a new team (the Warrington Wolves) in a new country (England).

He hopes to "rebuild his career and battered public image."

"I didn't turn the internet on or read a paper for about two months, but obviously I'm going to expect a few jokes. If they're real good ones I'll have a chuckle."
He might have been amused by one of the Warrington coaching staff's reaction to a suggestion that by tackling all the questions head on, Monaghan had ensured there would be no elephant lingering in the room for the rest of the season. "No one's ever accused him of misbehaving with an elephant?"



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