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If we had our way, Joe Paterno would coach Penn State until the end of time. If the Lord ever decides, misguidedly, to take JoePa, we hope his ghost patrols the sidelines until all the players are wearing rocket packs. Because he's our type of guy.

In a world in which coaches let players get away with everything, not only did Paterno make his players clean the stadium for their offseason transgressions ... he made them do it twice.

Linebacker Sean Lee came back out and delivered some bad news. "Joe said we didn't do a good enough job," the Upper St. Clair High School product said. "We've got to go back."

The players quickly shuffled off the buses and returned to the stadium to finish up their chores. Mr. Paterno dismissed them about 15 minutes later. The first cleanup assignment was complete, even if the stadium wasn't spotless.


We still imagine JoePa insisting that his players, when they hold up a gas station or something, chopping firewood in his backyard, or perhaps doing some roofing. It helps the community, and it helps us all.

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