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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Joey Harrington, Franchise Killer

Illustration for article titled Joey Harrington, Franchise Killer

News And Notes From Week 5 In The NFL ...

• Say what you will about Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch, but at least they only destroyed one franchise. Joey Harrington has now floundered as a starting quarterback for three teams, teams that might not have been all that bad were it not for the dope taking their snaps. Pictured is Byron Leftwich, who probably knows, like, four of the Falcons' plays, all of which failed.


• Yes, yes, it's true: We have Kurt Warner Fever. We've had it since he first came to the desert. For the first time since his Rams heyday, Warner has legitimate protection from his offensive line ... and no more young quarterback standing in his way. (It seems odd now that Warner could have ever backed up Eli Manning.) Oh, and look who the Buzzsaw are considering as Warner's backup: Jake Plummer! It all comes full circle!

• Another reason to be excited about the Buzzsaw: The rest of that division is horrible. We kind of think the Seahawks might be done. (Note: We will regret saying this.)


• It was comforting, with all the violent Favre-fellating going on, to see that the other Favre, the one who throws all the interceptions at the worst possible times, the one we like almost as much as the good Favre, could be back on display last night. We're all gonna feel pretty silly if the Packers lose their next five, aren't we?

• If we were Travis Henry, we might almost rather be suspended. Almost.

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