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The Steelers finally made their visit to the White House yesterday, with President Bush playing host to the Super Bowl champions. Here are some quotes from his speech:

"I want to โ€” look, I was a Texas Cowboy fan, you know. (Laughter.) Dallas Cowboy fan โ€” and โ€” yes, I know, I know."

"So he (Steelers owner Dan Rooney) took my phone call after about three hours of sleep. And he was a gentleman then, when I apologized for waking him up; he's a gentleman today. Again, I want to publicly apologize โ€” (laughter) โ€” for routing you out of your sack."

"I appreciate Hines Ward, Super Bowl MVP, who traveled to his mother's home country of South Korea to inspire children of multiracial backgrounds speak out against discrimination. I thought that was an act of โ€” (applause.)"

So, in summary, he's unaware of the name of his favorite team, he messed with Dan Rooney's sack, and was applauded for not finishing a sentence. Pretty standard, really.

As for Joey Porter, I don't think he got any of his money back. He did make a bit of a fashion statement, though, showing up in a fetching pair of sunglasses. And as noted by Jerloma here in The Sports Frog's Swamp, yeah, he does kind of look like Kanye West there. Maybe that was Joey's form of silent protest. Maybe thought, "Hey, I can't say anything, but I could try to look like the guy who once said that he doesn't care about black people. It will be subtle and clever, as people have come to expect from Joey Porter."


Or maybe not.

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