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New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana—forgive us if you didn't need that detail, but Santana hasn't pitched since the middle of last season—was accused last year of sexual assault on a golf course in October 2009. The woman said Santana approached her and raped her, as she was pleading with him to stop, while Santana said the sex was consensual, and that the lady was "very excited" during it.

Now the case is finally approaching trial, so Santana is seeking an order to hide all testimony and evidence from public view.


The Smoking Gun has more:

In a motion filed last week in Circuit Court, the New York Mets pitcher requested a protective order barring Deanna Williams and her lawyers from the "publication or dissemination" of a variety of material associated with the case.
In his August 17 motion, Santana notes that since the civil case "has received national and local media attention," there is "heightened potential for this normally private exchange of information to become public."


Don't flatter yourself, Johan and attorneys. Local and national media really have no interest in reporting on the Mets.

Mets Star Wants Judge To Cloak Sex Case Records [The Smoking Gun]

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