Arizona wide receiver John Brown was questionable with a bum hamstring before he was declared active for yesterday’s game, a 34-20 win in Cleveland, but spent the game a-mouldering on the sideline. Who knows why he didn’t play? Bruce Arians spoke about discovering and developing his WR depth and displaying offensive diversity, though resting and not risking Brown long-term surely played a part in it. That’s no consolation for fantasy owners who started the second-leading receiver in one of the NFL’s best passing offenses.

OK, you were pissed at the Cardinals for activating Brown and not using him. Arians has two words for you:

Brown himself spent some of his afternoon responding to angry fans:



It’s frustrating as hell—Drew Magary mollywhopped me in H2H daily fantasy this week, in small part because Brown sat—but the old chestnut applies even to the players themselves: no one cares about your fantasy team.

Image via AP.