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John Daly Collapses At Tournament, Shows Up Next Day To Play And Smoke Cigs

Hard-livin’, chain-smokin’ golfer John Daly played in a tournament in Mississippi this weekend, and his round on Saturday ended with him collapsing on the 18th tee and then being rushed to the hospital.

Daly had reportedly been struggling with the heat all day on Saturday, and was brought down by a collapsed lung. His playing partner, Will Dottley, described the frightening scene to the Golf Channel:

“I had my arm around him when he went down. He had no pulse and wasn’t breathing for close to three minutes,” said Dottley, who added that there was a nurse in the gallery who administered CPR. “It was kind of a miracle.”


According to Daly’s manager, the collapsed lung was caused by a rib injury that Daly has been dealing with since 2007, one that has been affecting the golfer’s breathing. But why a collapsed lung on Saturday and not any of the other many rounds Daly has played since 2007? He has an explanation:

Daly’s right hand was heavily taped on Sunday. He said he hurt it while putting a new tire on his son’s golf cart earlier this week, which indirectly led to Saturday’s problems.

“I had to change my swing some to get a good grip and the doctor said the changed motion is likely what led to the collapsed lung,” Daly said.

This is a very John Daly thing to happen to John Daly. Staying in character, Daly returned to the course on Sunday, and was spotted smoking cigarettes on the clubhouse patio, according to the AP. And, yes, you bet your ass he got out there and played his round:


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