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John Daly Makes Country Music

And it's...not terrible? I honestly have no idea. Listening to country music is a lot like drinking fancy wine for me—I get drunk and regret everything—but I think this song of John Daly's here is not terrible. It's called Hit It Hard and it sounds like Bon Jovi with a splash of what I believe pop country music to be.


The album, which is called "I Only Know One Way" is actually from 2010 but Hit It Hard has been getting a lot of airplay on SiriusXM. Here is some more, from someone who reviewed the song:

I love this song.

John is very honest with his music. But if you've ever seen him in an interview you know that's exactly who he is all the time. He's an open book. He's not afraid to talk about the things he's done in his life. He's quite the character and people love it. I think in a way, all of John's fans are inspired by his honesty.

Give the whole thing a listen here. You know you will.