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John Daly's Bus Does Not Fit In There

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John Daly's Magic Bus continues to roll around the country, but it's running a little bit lower than usual after he knocked off the top going through a low-clearance tunnel.


Daly was traveling through the Bankhead Tunnel in Mobile, Alabama—a tunnel with a shockingly low 12-foot clearance—when his "let's go on the road with the Dead" tour bus didn't quite make it all the way through. The tunnel sheared the fan and awnings off the top of his ride and showered them down on a passing Cadillac. The lesson as always—never drive through Alabama.

According to the traffic accident report from the Mobile Police Department, Daly was traveling eastbound toward the tunnel. A sign warns that the tunnel entrance is just 12 feet high, and dangling chains determine if a vehicle is too tall.

In his witness report, Jimmy Roberson of Mobile was just exiting the tunnel when the fan and awnings on top of Daly's RV crashed into his 1998 Cadillac DeVille. Roberson's windshield, roof and trunk were damaged in the 2:32 p.m. accident, according to the police report.


To be fair, the facts in this case are in some dispute. It's actually more of an RV than a bus. Plus, Daly says that those magic chains were not in place and the cops told him this sort of thing happens all the time. More materially, Daly isn't buying the "neck and head injuries" allegedly suffered by the driver of the Cadillac his RV sprayed with debris.

funny just read now the guy has Neck and Shoulder injuries?? From what??? something hitting his trunk?!

Ah, Twitter. Is there's any insurance fraud case you can't solve?

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