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John Dennis Says ESPN's Ryen Russillo Is A "Stumbling Drunk Alcoholic" [UPDATE]

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A longtime Boston media beef came to another head last night, one which has WEEI broadcasting personality John Dennis blasting ESPN's Scott Van Pelt Show co-host Ryen Russillo as an alcoholic and alleging Russillo was forcibly ejected from ESPN's own Super Bowl party.

If you're unfamiliar with the genesis of this hatefest, listen to this 2005 voicemail left by Dennis for Russillo in which he attacks Russillo's attempt to seduce his daughter (no, really). TBL claims the two got into a verbal altercation last night at the ESPN shindig, and certainly both characters are reflecting that something went down on their Twitter accounts—with Dennis saying Russillo was "unintelligible" while Russillo openly wants to fight Dennis.

In the end, they both sound like wannabe tough-guy douchenozzles. And that's probably what they are—Dennis, at least, has a history of being a racist. But if anybody out there can provide a bit more context into what went down in Indianapolis last night between the two, let us know.


Update (7:25 p.m.): Dennis claims Van Pelt apologized to him after the incident.

Update (10:22 p.m.): Here's the report from reader Mark:

I saw the altercation. it was in an alley outside the Bud Light
Hotel. Defintiely wasn't the ESPN party. Rusillo definitely got in
Dennis' face. Dennis didn't make eye contact with Ryan and walked
away. Dennis always looks wasted when I see him so it's hard to tell
if he was drinking or not! Ryan left with a few guys and that was
about it. Didn't even have time to videotape anything.

I'm not sure what the Bud Light Hotel is—last time I was in Indy I stayed at a Hampton Inn—but the details are interesting. Mark wrote back to clarify that the fight "definitely happened" after 2 a.m., and we know how wonderfully things turn out that take place after that hour.

Update (10:33 p.m.): Talk Superstation reminded me that the Bud Light Hotel is where that Playboy party was happening, which just ties everything together perfectly.


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