The deification of John Elway in the Denver area is all-encompassing; we think Colorado might give Elway their presidential electoral votes just on general principle. Which is why we couldn't be more stunned: Someone cut off Elway from drinking at a bar!

We mean, really? John Elway?

Several hours later, when Elway attempted to order another glass of wine, he was told by the bartender that management was cutting him off. According to the former Broncos quarterback, he asked to speak to the manager.

"I asked her for her card to find out what her name was," Elway told me. "I said to her 'If that's your policy (to refuse him another drink), then that's the way it is but I'm not coming back.' We had been there for hours, and I appreciated them taking care of me, but we were just sitting there having a discussion. We weren't even being loud."

Seriously, you don't cut off John Elway. You cut off Jay Cutler, who kinda sucks but might be good someday.

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