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John Kerry To Your Rescue!

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So, we're four days away from Opening Day, and it doesn't look likely that, if you don't have DirectTV, you're going to be able to watch any out-of-town games this year, unless you want the quivering mass that is Today, the Senate Commerce Committee will discuss the matter, and if you're feeling like you, as but a mere consumer who makes the wheels of sports turn, have no power, don't worry: You've got John Kerry in your corner!

Kerry said he was concerned about "exclusive carriage deals in the sports industry" and that he hoped the Senate could do something about them. "I have no doubt that there are business advantages, but what is the impact on fans? They lose the content," said an advance copy of Kerry's remarks obtained by The Sun. "Or, as we will discover today, they are forced to change their TV service to see games. That is wrong. That is a sign that the system is not working."

It's a well-meaning, well-thought-out, carefully considered and passionate response, in a matter that will be completely futile, in part because of the messenger's total lack of charisma. Yep, we're definitely talking about John Kerry.

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