John Lackey Yells At Bum

Cubs starter John Lackey’s only mistake in the second game of Wednesday’s doubleheader against San Diego was hanging a curveball for Christian Bethancourt, who clobbered it for the game-winning solo shot in the fifth inning. Lackey’s anger culminated in him yelling, “You better fucking run!” at the Padres catcher as he rounded the bases.


After the game, Lackey was still fuming about Bethancourt, a fringe player with a career WAR of -0.1 who was probably just happy to help his team. Via the Chicago Tribune:

“How many home runs does he have?” Lackey asked.

When told Bethancourt now has three this season, Lackey replied, “I have a long memory. He’ll learn.”

The next series between the Padres and Cubs will be Aug. 22-24, so look for John Lackey to do something stupid then.

[Fox Sports San Diego]

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