What's with pitchers throwing at Ian Kinsler? First it was Bobby Jenks' $750 high heat, and now Angels' starter John Lackey decided the Rangers' second baseman needed a good plunking.

Amazingly, this was Lackey's first start of the season after a long stint on the DL, but umpire Bob Davidson is not very sentimental so he tossed him after he threw one pitch behind Kinsler and then pegged him in the rib cage with the next one. Kinsler hit two homers the night before and the best way for Lackey to ensure he wouldn't do it again in the first inning was to lodge a fastball into his sternum. Manager Mike Scioscia was very upset with Davidson because no warning was issued:

"Evidently, he felt there was some history [between the teams] and that John was throwing at Kinsler, which was absurd."


As you can tell from the video, it's completely absurd. Why would Davidson think that Lackey was trying to send a message with those two pitches? Lackey has a right to establish the inside part of the plate. And the outside part of the right batter's box.

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