John McEnroe Is Sick Of Phil Jackson Making The Knicks Butt

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Cranky uncle John McEnroe is a Knicks superfan, and has ringside seats at Madison Square Garden, and he recently shared some sweet and sad lamentations about the state of his team in this report from Brian Mahoney, in which McEnroe describes the Knicks as “a total train wreck.”

Here’s McEnroe on Phil Jackson, a vertical rotisserie stacked with pages from Zen in the Art of Archery and The Triple-Post Offense:

“I mean, he’s known as the Zen Master, like a master talker, and then he’s not talking to anybody,” McEnroe said of Jackson. “So this whole thing seems to have gone completely off the rails.”

Jackson is still hoping to trade Anthony, who has a no-trade clause. McEnroe said he was never the biggest fan of Anthony’s game, but that the All-Star forward didn’t deserve the treatment he received last season.

“It’s crazy to treat a guy that way,” McEnroe said. “It seems like, even if it would be better for both guys if they weren’t there — the Knicks and him — the whole thing just seems, I can’t believe how bungled this has gotten.”


McEnroe was reportedly ringside the night Charles Oakley was forcibly booted from MSG, and reacted like most of the rest of us:

“To see Charles Oakley have handcuffs put on him was horrible. Like, I was sick to my stomach, as well as almost every other fan that was in there watching this as it took place,” McEnroe said. “I bet you Jim Dolan — this is just my opinion — had to feel terrible about what that was.”


Judging by the smear job James Dolan pulled on Oakley after the fracas, I think we can safely say McEnroe is dead wrong about that last part. Go and read the whole report if you want to be even more sad about the Knicks.