John Rocker In Cooperstown, Raffles Night Of Drinking With John Rocker

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John Rocker, former Atlanta Braves pitcher and anthropomorphic T-Bone steak, is in Cooperstown this weekend and he's got himself a table set up where he's hawking wares like a white T-shirt with "Speak English" written in "you know, that lettering from the Dropkick Murphys," and maybe a book that someone wrote for him? If that doesn't do anything for you, perhaps I can interest you in a night of drinking with John Rocker as raffled off by John Rocker. Say hello to the Virgil of Major League Baseball.

Now, there are better ways to spend a weekend in Cooperstown, but if you happen to win this raffle and you happen to be drinking with John Rocker and the topics just what the hell is going on in Gaza, anyway? or guns, man, you know? come up, drop us a line.


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