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John Salley Story Corner: Rookie Hazing, Bad Boy Style

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Every week, John Salley, onetime Bad Boy and currently the arachnoid half of the Spider and the Henchman podcast, will regale us with an amusing and occasionally salacious story from his playing days. Today: A rookie gets the treatment.

This is a story about my rookie season. It's training camp, and I get there, and I am just crazy happy to be on the squad.

Now, we're at the gym, and we hear that there are all these girls in the lobby. I don't know what they're there for, but you know me — I want to find out. Plus, the team gives us lunch and dinner after practices and stuff. But before we can get out to the lobby, and before we can eat, Dennis Rodman and I have to clean the locker room. And it's nasty. Bill Laimbeer would throw his jock against that wall, his jersey against this wall. Just nasty.


So Dennis and I are cleaning the locker room. The girls are in the lobby. The food's already out there. When we're through cleaning, what do we find? These broads are eating what's left. I have never been more upset in my life. I'm hungry. I have a busted lip from Sid Green. Rick Mahorn hit my leg. Nobody's talking to me. It's Day 4; I hate these guys; and these broads are eating my food.

I know this is a test. They're all just sitting back, waiting to see what we do. Sure enough, when I get to the hotel later, my bed is wet. These bastards. But I don't care. I said, "I used to wet the bed all the time." So I sleep in that bed with the cold-ass water soaking my cover, but fuck it: I wake up the next day, take a shower, and get the mattress replaced.

I hated my rookie year.

The above is adapted from the "Spider Stories" segment on the Spider and the Henchman podcast. Follow John and his podcast on Twitter: @thejohnsalley and @spiderandhench. Subscribe on iTunes.

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