John Smoltz And Chipper Jones Have Beef

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Continuing with the Atlanta-Braves-With-Anger-Issues theme, Chipper Jones and John Smoltz appear to be having a little bit of a tiff. Smoltz thinks Jones is milking an injury, and Jones thinks Smoltz is a big meaniehead, and neither one of them will speak directly to the other.

Honestly, the entire AP article reads like it was written about an argument between junior high school girls. If you crossed out Jones and Smoltz and replaced it with "Marsha" and "Tiffany" it would make a lot more sense.

"Let's just say there are people who don't believe me [about my injury]," Jones said. "Let's just say that and leave it at that."

After Friday night's 5-0 loss to the Tigers, Smoltz said, "You can't worry about who's in the lineup and who isn't. You can't worry about that stuff anymore."

Added Smoltz: "I certainly appreciate the effort of the guys who are on the field busting it."

Smoltz didn't identify Jones as a player not in the lineup, but Jones said after Saturday's game that he got the message.

"I'd be stupid if I didn't take it the same way," Jones said, adding he planned to "play the rest of the games this year and do whatever I can. Somebody I know better not miss a start."


It goes on and on, and is so girly. I'd respect them so much more if Smoltz just said, "Chipper Jones is acting like a big pussy," and Jones replied with, "Old Man Smoltz can blow me."

Jones says he felt pressured by Smoltz to return to Braves' lineup [ESPN]