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John Tesh Offers You $20K To Rap-Dribble-And Dance Your Way To Total Humiliation

What's that you say? You'd like to have your mind blown by Frankenstenian NBA theme-composer John Tesh rapping with all the lyrical skill of a 1989-era Fresh Prince suffering from a gaping head wound?

And you'd also like the chance for your equally inept rhyming abilities to earn you exciting cash and prizes? Yeah, we can hook you up with that. Please wear a helmet before viewing to ensure the mess from your brain's imminent, messy explosion doesn't stain the wallpaper. And we'll even get you started: make sure your entry includes the words "balling" and "Connie Seleca." That's sure to catch the attention of the judges as they sit through thousands of grainy, shaky-handed submissions shot on bored teens' cellphones.

John Tesh's Roundball Rock RAP•DRIBBLE•DANCE Video Contest [YouTube]



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