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All-star fan voting almost never results in an accurate representation of the most worthy players. Kobe Bryant is leading all NBA players in voting this season despite shooting 34% and NHLer John Scott had the most votes of all hockey players before he was released by the Coyotes. Kyrie Irving is slated to start for the Eastern Conference this year even though he’s only played three games this season, and John Wall is pissed.


Wall is back in fifth place and he ain’t happy about it. CSN Mid-Atlantic asked him about trailing Irving and he told them, “It’s a joke.”

“I played like horseshit the first month and a half but I still was averaging like 16 and eight. That’s not bad numbers.”


“I guess it’s the record. No offense Kyrie, he’s played (three) games,” Wall said. “If he was healthy he probably would be in that position because he’d be playing well. I can see him there because that’s how talented he is.”


Wall has a point here about why he’s trailing. The Wizards finally got back to .500 yesterday (somehow, this is good for last in the usually-bad Southeast division) after a season spent trying to play a remarkably misguided brand of pace-and-space Warriors knockoff ball and are outside of the playoffs currently.

That said, the Wizards’ terrible start shouldn’t detract from Wall’s credentials to the point that he misses out on the game altogether. He hasn’t earned the start (for my money, Kyle Lowry and Jimmy Butler have), but he’s having the best shooting season of his career. This has been a pretty frustrating year overall for Wall, as he’s borne the brunt of the blame for the Wizards dogshit start, and got himself booed by home fans when the Lakers beat them, but he’s improved as the season’s gone on, and he has the stats of an all-star.

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