John Walsh, who is probably more responsible than anyone else for making ESPN the behemoth it is today, will retire at the end of the month.

Walsh has been one of Bristol's most influential figures over his 27 years with the company, insisting on a muscular newsroom in the belief that reporting is what would draw viewers. There will certainly be plenty of tributes to the respected executive coming from inside Bristol in the coming days, but for now, let's remember some of his greatest hits.

The time Walsh publicly disavowed the network's sensationalist, ratings-bait Tim Tebow coverage.

How Walsh protects the ESPY Awards, his baby and a terrible money-loser, from all those in Bristol who'd like to kill them for good.


The time Walsh claimed a Deadspin reporter was only critical of an ESPN serial plagiarist because that plagiarist had stolen the reporter's girlfriend. (He had not.)


The time two ESPN pariahs parlayed a chance meeting with a sloppy Walsh in a bar into professional favors.

How Walsh, along with John Skipper, is one of the biggest reasons Bill Simmons remains with ESPN.


The time a pink gorilla interrupted one of Walsh's business meetings and might have cost a Deadspin editor a job offer from Grantland.